Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Cypro East Africa - Biogas Installation Services

Cypro East Africa, a 100% Kenyan business, offers biogas design and installation services within the East African region and beyond. For more information please email We design and install biogas digesters that use any or a combination of materials.These may include livestock dung - cow, pig, chicken, goat, sheep, and more. Biogas material can also be food and kitchen waste such as vegetables. Human waste is also excellent for biogas generation. We therefore offer specific solutions that use human waste in schools, hospitals, and other large communities.

Our range of products include the following;

1. Large biogas digesters suited for schools/institutions, and other clients with over 500kg of feedstock per day.

2. Medium size biogas digesters for clients with between 100 and 500kg of feedstock per day.

3. Small portable biogas digesters for clients with as low as 5 kg of feedstock per day. Below is the PolyBiogas digester developed during 2013. The digester was put under evaluation trials for one year with the support of IFAD, the specialised agriculture agency of the United Nations.

Below is the Low Cost Biogas digester developed during March 2014. This is available in various sizes starting from 1 cubic metre. This digester was developed to offer a low cost solution for low income households. The cost of installing the smallest unit is approximately US$200.

Portable biogas digesters have many advantages, some of which include;

1. Easy installation
2. Portability
3. Long lifespan of over 15 years
4. financing available through mainstream banks, saccos and microfinance organisations 

Why Biogas?

Overall, generation of biogas will contribute to a reduction in household expenditures by reducing consumption and utilization of LPG, kerosene, charcoal, firewood and electricity. Alternatively, generation of biogas will improve income generation for the household. 

Adoption of biogas technology will aide in protecting the environment by reducing tree cutting and charcoal burning, Biogas technology returns to the environment a bio slurry that is rich in N.P.K which is highly recommended in place of chemical fertilizers. When bioslurry is applied on crops the nutrients are taken up immediately.

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